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Welcome To Free Range Diana


Hi Everybody,

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Diana Laskaris and I’m very pleased to meet you! Like you, my life has been full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, wins and losses. We’ve got the same 24 hours a day that everyone else has. It’s a constant challenge to find enough time to finish what we have to do and still make room for what we want to do. Career and business, family and friends, social, spiritual and physical needs often compete for my attention. Stress can take its toll. Sometimes we get stuck or have questions we just can’t answer on our own.

That’s where I come in! I’ve led more lives than my 2 cats combined. From working in hospitals to writing children’s books, hobnobbing with celebrities and exploring food & beverages around the world, I’ve experienced a lot of pleasure in life. I’ve also helped others deal with life’s challenges – stress, addiction, suicide, divorce, communication issues, cancer, coming out, financial trouble, motivation, spiritual crisis and much, much more. The one constant has been that I’ve got an ear to listen to anyone wanting to tell their tale and usually some ideas they can ponder as well.

I’ve earned lots of certifications and professional licenses, from lawyer to hypnotherapist, handwriting analyst, bartender and coach…as I said, I’ve led many lives. My last job working for someone else (many years ago) had the title “Swiss Army Knife,” which I took as quite a compliment. Now I’d like to offer you my skills as a “Swiss Army Knife for Business and Life,” here in this column and anytime you ask. I may even throw in a video or two so we can get better acquainted. I’ll answer your questions in the column if I think that others will benefit and certainly share some reflections of my own. That’s what I call free range!

So when something’s on your mind, whatever it may be, and you’d like to get it off your chest, feel free to send me an email at You can join also the Facebook group at

Remember, you set boundaries in your own mind so open them up to a free range life!



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About Diana Laskaris: My name is Diana Laskaris and I have many skills. I’ve climbed corporate ladders, produced motion pictures, transformed troubled businesses, started nonprofits, and even hung out my own shingle. I once held the title of “Swiss Army Knife.” I laugh a lot, enjoy traveling, cook for anyone, hug everyone, love all animals and the colors of autumn leaves. I understand that life is short and time is our most limited resource. I believe that stress affects every aspect of our lives and people would free themselves of it, if only they knew how. Well, I do know how and I’m sharing those skills with others. Let me tell you why. In 2001, I lived in New York. I ran with the big dogs, heading up a digital studio after helping create the first business models of the mobile entertainment industry. It was an exciting time in the “Silicon Alley.” And then the world came crashing down around me, literally. On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center, two blocks from my home, exploded in a blaze and collapsed into ashes from an act of terrorism. The experience changed me forever. View author profile.

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