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66839237-0213-4A6A-9FC6-A3B97A968ABBHow many times have you gone to the webpage of a discount blog, scrolled and scrolled only to input a code that does not work. It can be frustrating and time-consuming. Savings are great but suffering should not be a part of the equation. What about instances where you are shopping for that perfect shoe but come across a shower curtain that your sister would love? Now you can add referral codes and family-type discounts. There are a variety of sites working in tandem to give you everything you need to save.

One such site is It is a website that is set up to educate shoppers in understanding little-known ways to locate discount codes. The offers are easy to find and the website is completely intuitive. Eliminating the frustration when shopping for discount codes makes savings a bit less time-consuming. People with busy lives, crazy agendas and who are operating on schedules that do not have enough hours in each day are probably the people who need these savings the most. Finding discounts supported by a great band of other savers and knowing that the great thing about is that there is an entire community working with you and along side you to help you navigate and be successful in savings. That really is comforting.

With there are a variety of our favorite and most visited stores catalogued. There is even a blog that showcases many viewpoints, shopping incentives, ideas, and opinions and there is a LIVE DEAL FEED. How cool is that!

The concept of sharing over hundreds of actual codes for brands like Adidas, Kmart, Under Armour and more is so easy nowadays, especially with social media to help push deals out. There are also coupons available to use in-store, with easy prompts and no hidden loopholes. Upon arriving to most sites, all the deals and endless possibilities are posted. Trending sales are also prominent to see and easy to click on.

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Should you be seeking a specific brand or item, simply searching allows you to locate your brand or item with the deals and codes. No fuss and no hassle. There are no crazy pop-ups, gimmicks or virus windows either.

To familiarize yourself with what is available, there are pages of relevant information. My favorite thing about the website is that everything is laid out for the tired, frazzled brain. The deals are located in the left-hand column and are even set up to accept new “deals” if you are an expert.

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You are then prompted to join via Facebook to earn rewards and points, all action based designed to help you and HELP OTHERS!

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If you have a store in mind where there are no visible coupons, always visit that site and sign up for emails. You are easily added and your deal saving community has your back and will find deals and share them with you. Seriously, have no fear, there is a community for you in social media and via email. Sites, brands, codes and fellow savers all working together to make the experience of getting savings easier! No frustrations to dampen the joy of shopping. DSW is one such site. Savings are paraded right in plain view. In example, the code Fall For Shoes saves $10! Shining and bold, it is emblazoned across the top of the web page almost like a welcoming band! Hi there, yes, Come Save! 

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Easy single-use coupons or a blanket FREE SHIPPING are the best features an online site can offer. Easy to follow prompts, and tips to assist you popping-up as well is equally as attractive. DSW has an entire web-page called Clearance allotted for savings. The days of standing alone, in the dark, paying outrageously are gone. There are all sorts of savings, some require codes and some do not.

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DSW is one of my favorite shoe emporiums. It is always uplifting to get rewards, Birthday savings and clearance notifications. On the DSW page, you are asked to sign up for MORE savings, alerts and an account directly from the site. The site also let’s you know how and where to apply coupons or if coupon codes are needed at all. There are always bold savings visible.

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So for the hurried, online shopper, this opens up even more opportunities to save. Clicking on “CLEARANCE” led me directly to a web-page of categorized savings from 20% savings to 70% off. DSW allows you to filter your search. My search for size 11, tall boots led me to entering the code Fall For 20 that saved me $20 on top of the clearance price. This code was only good between 12 Noon and 3 p.m. on one day. Deals like this run all the time.

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The DSW site also gives you an idea of how much product is left in stock. So if you are shopping during a lull in a webinar, or a break during a conference call and there are only 5 pair remaining, you may want to complete that purchase right away as opposed to leaving it in that shopping bag until you are free again.

There are also ways to see how many reward points you have, or if you forgot to use your points, you can handle all matters directly from the comfort of your online account.

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Happy Shopping!


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