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Although we are often convinced that the only good that matters is the good we do for others, the fact is that if we’re totally depleted, we have little available to offer anyone else. Instead of continuing to plunge forward for everyone else, take some time for these ideas to gather your strength, soothe your soul and prepare for whatever lies ahead. It will certainly help infuse you with more energy to help others, so consider it an act of love for everyone concerned. Here are a few ideas to kick start your path of personal restoration, resilience and renewal.


  1. Take time for reflection. Give yourself permission to enjoy some time for solitude, meditation, contemplation and relaxation. Go for a walk. Take a nap. Enjoy a long hot bath. Listen to mellow music. Do whatever you are inspired to do that gives you time to be with yourself.  Focus on reenergizing the you inside, the one you know better than anyone else.
  2. Celebrate the now. When things go wrong we feel as though the world is harsh. But that’s not the only way to view the world during such times. We need to look for small moments of joy each day and be present enough to appreciate them. Feel the crisp autumn air, listen to chirping birds, enjoy the soft coat of a pet. Focus on what you’re doing at the. Breathe. Challenge yourself to stay in the now and nowhere else.
  3. Be a hugger. Sometimes there’s no better way to soothe a weary soul than through the power of human touch. A hug will help both the embracer and the embraced through a subtle but powerful connection that sometimes gets lost in our technological world. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug either. And, of course, notice those who look like they could use a hug. It never hurts to ask. Sometimes the mutual benefit is something wonderful beyond words.
  4. Keep a gratitude list. Another way to keep our spirits lifted is to take stock of what gifts we truly have in our lives. One way to do this on a regular basis is to keep a list of all the things in life, big or small, for which we are grateful. This need not be a difficult or time-consuming exercise. Simply find a place to keep a daily record of what you are grateful for in your life, from arms and legs that work to a comfortable home, a loving spouse, physical health or a favorite meal. Nothing is too big or small for us to express our gratitude for it. And once you start to see the lists pile up, you’ll begin to understand how much you really do have to be grateful for even when sometimes it feels hidden from your view.


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Remember, take care of yourself and open up a free range life!


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