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Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 8.23.07 PMDusty ( Mark Wahlberg ) and  Brad ( Will Ferrell ) are back as co-dads in this funny holiday feature. The crazy family dynamics continue, but this Christmas Season they are joined by their own dads, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson! Sean Anders directs the team again as they cover Daddy issues, co-parenting children and step-children.

How do you give your kids the perfect Christmas? How do you keep familial bliss between all, especially during the stress of the Holiday Season? Who gets to come to the annual Holiday performances and sits where? What do you say to each other as you all try to parent? What kind of tone do parents use? How do all the grandparents get along?

In real life, these occurrences are rarely funny but there is nothing but laughter in these 100 minutes. Take your thinking cap off, leave your sensitivity shoes at home and as always, stay until the very end of the credits to get silly clips.

Daddy’s Home 2 opens today!


The Chicago Moms was invited to a pre-screening of Daddy’s Home 2. All opinions are that of The Chicago Moms.



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