Zinc Flyte, the perfect companion

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Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 6.53.44 PMZinc Flyte Case Scooters are fun and practical. Designed in the United Kingdom by Simon to appease the “young Simon”,  these suit-cases/backpacks/scooters are durable and easy to operate. Available in “Mini”, “MIDI”, and “Maxi”, the Zinc Flyte is the perfectly priced item for the upcoming holiday travel season or as a holiday gift item.

Zinc Flyte can hold up to 110 pounds and can withstand a few travels to Europe and back!

The Zinc Flyte is also affordable, folds and fits to carry-on dimensions. While they are in stock, gather them up for all the adventurous young travelers in your family.


The ZincFlyte is available in the Unites States on Amazon.


The Chicago Moms received a ZincFlyte Betty for review. First image courtesy of ZincFlyte. Second image courtesy of Jaime Thompson. All opinions and other images courtesy of The Chicago Moms. 




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