Finishing Strong, Starting Fresh

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Finishing Strong, Starting Fresh

Once in awhile you get a flash of self-knowledge. This learning can be empowering and useful or paralyzing and depressing. It really is up to you how you take it and what you do with it. For me, I have learned over the years that I am an outstanding starter. Throughout my resume there are examples of me starting wonderful things – new companies, new business lines within companies, new procedures, new business models, even new industries. In my personal life I am constantly starting new projects, innovating ways to do things differently, even initiating new friendships.

Along with all those new starts, though, comes the realization that I am a lousy finisher. I left some of those new companies, business lines, even industries after I had started them and they were no longer new and interesting to me. I got bored. I have many almost finished books in my drawers. And projects that have been started then abandoned when something newer, shinier, more fascinating came along and I could start fresh again. Finishing doesn’t hold the same fascination for me that starting does.

As 2017 comes to a close perhaps, like me, you find yourself with a few hanging threads in your life. Conversations begun but not completed. Promises made but not yet kept. Projects or processes envisioned but not implemented. And more than one closet or drawer that is waiting to be organized. With one month left, now is the time to finish starting and start finishing.

Close out the year on a high note by taking stock of all those projects, promises, conversations and whatnot that you have begun throughout the year and finish them off as best you can. We’re not aiming for perfection here, just reasonably satisfying closure. You don’t even need to have resolution on things that may take a lot longer than one or two sessions to adequately tackle. Get back to them anyway and try your best to put them to bed.

There’s a certain fun for me in a fresh start. But knowing that I have untold items that open puts a damper on my ability to freely pursue my next big thing. So I’m making a list, checking it twice and determining how, whether naughty or nice, to wrap the items on it up with a bow. It may not be pretty, but it will be an accomplishment. And then maybe next year, I can work up to finishing things a little bit quicker and giving myself a bit more focus on whatever fresh ideas come to the surface.

How about you? What will you finish up this year? I’d love to hear all about it.

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Remember, free yourself from the tyranny of unfinished business and give yourself a free range life!

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